Friday, October 07, 2005

Hope, not despair

Do not despair oh members of the Red Sox Nation.

Provided they do play today, I feel like this is when the Red Sox will begin to shine. One piece of bad luck cost them the game the other night. That can go either way and I think it's time for the White Sox to have some bad luck. The Red Sox have won three in a row this year many times and the White Sox have lost three in a row.

Just win one game at a time. Foget last year against the Yankees. Remember two years ago against the A's and that was a team with much better pitching.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Well I'm doing REALLLLLLLLY well so far with my predictions. BoSox getting killed and after all the time I waste talking up Jake Peavy he gets bombed and is out for the playoffs with a broken rib (perhaps he broke it twisting around to watch Reggie Sanders' blast leave the yard).

But take heart Nation members. It's always easier to shrug off a blowout than a tough loss. It would be more disheartening to have a lead and have Timlin cough it up. So shrug it off and get the hell out there tomorrow in prime time and kick some ass.

It's baseball and you're an American...playoff edition

Well I will have to make this brief because I'm at work and for some CRAZY reason my boss doesn't like me blogging at work. I know, fascist, right?

So let's do a preview...playoffs style as we get closer and closer to first pitch in St. Louis.

San Diego vs. St. Louis

Clearly the easiest series to predict here. The number two starter for the Padres in this series is former Met and Red Sock of great distinction Pedro Astacio. Nuff said there. However, this will not be a sweep. In fact I predict the Padres will win today and put a little scare into the Cardinals. The Cardinals have had it too easy for too long. Carpenter has struggled for weeks (FD is probably quite pleased he didn't make that trade with me for him in the Yahoo league) and Jake Peavy is a top starter. Padres win today, jolt the Cardinals a little but the Cards take the next three.

Cardinals in four

Atlanta vs. Houston

Sorry Commander and sorry KayJay. This is the worst possible series for the Braves. I'm sure you were all pulling like mad for the Phillies to get the wild card so you'd face the Padres in the first round, but instead you get to face the team I'm picking to go to the World Series. No team has the pitching the Astros have. Pettite, Clemens and Oswalt would all be #1s on any other team and Brad Lidge is right now what Mo Rivera was back in 98 (in the salad days...a time Yankee fans can call B.M. (Before Mueller) ). Braves have talent, as much as I hate to admit it, but it's the Astros series and another first round exit for Bobby's boys.

Astros in four

Now to the American League. Where have you gone Pedro Martinez, a Nation turns it's lonely eyes to you. Woo woo woo

Seriously the Red Sox are gonna feel the absence of Petey and his mango tree this October, it just remains to be seen how much. Hmmm he's probably under that mango tree right now. Hope he's happy. Annnnnnnnyways...

Boston vs. Chicago

The Yankees can have the division and the west coast trips. That won't bother the Red Sox when they're popping champagne corks after sweeping the White Sox. The ChiSox are good. The Red Sox are better. The White Sox pitching won't hold up under the Red Sox offense and they're all relatively untested. Sure the BoSox have pitching problems, but can you name the White Sox closer? I didn't think so. The ChiSox are coming in a little cocky right now (really classy of Ozzie Guillen to make the "choke" sign to Cleveland fans) and the BoSox with their professionalism and playoff tested mettle are ready to take them down. I don't want to jinx the team, but I got a good feeling about this series.

Red Sox in three

New York vs. Los Angeles or Anaheim or Nappa Valley or Torrence or whatever they're called these days...

Now this is the toughest series. I like the Angels. I like Mike Scoscia ("" "No by tomorrow you'll hardly be able to breathe." "Ohhhhhhh...mannnnnnnnnnnnn..."). I like their bullpen. I like Vlad Guerrero (How I wish he was patroling right at Shea. Omar would have gotten that deal done). But I just can't ever bet against the Yankees. They always find some way to win. Even when the Sox were up big in Game 7 last year I expected the Yankees to come back. Their pitching is rounding into form (even though they suffer from lack of bullpen depth, which will hurt in the long run) and the offense is balanced top to bottom. This series is gonna go long and it's going to be a real war, but I think ultimately the Yankees will squeak through and give Fox executives what they've been drooling over. World War III...Yankees vs. Red Sox..the brawl for all...this time it's personal.

Yankees in five

See you in the next round....

Monday, October 03, 2005

Oh and one more thing about the Yankees...

True MVP's don't whine and cry. Remember that baseball writers.

I don't see David Ortiz bitching over not having home field advantahe. So Gay Rod has some issues about the Rangers not playing their regulars. Cry me a river bitch. How about you win the damn game yesterday? Yankees held their own fate in their hand and they came in hung over and uninspired. The Sox came to play. The Yankees came to whine.

See you in a few weeks bitches...

Don't know what I'm talking here.

Buck Showalter didn't lose the Yankees home field. The Yankees lost the Yankees home field.

Gee didn't see that coming...

Triple H screws over Flair?

Wow...who thought that was going to happen. That was about as unexpected as Linda messing up the stunner spot.

I make a bold prediction for next week. Trips will explain himself with a 20 minute promo to start the show and Evil will hang on every word with his heart swelling with admiration for the cerebral assasin.

Ken STILL hearts Tara Reid

Who cares if she lost her show and has no employment prospects? She's still the proud owner of my heart :-).

Here's the scoop from the Internet Movie Database...

"Blonde bombshell Tara Reid is close to breaking point after new TV show Taradise was axed by producers and other offers of work have been withdrawn. The American Pie star is distraught at the decision and has fired her publicist who Reid believes cultivated the drunken party-girl reputation she has been labeled with. In an interview with Chaunce Hayden of America's Steppin' Out magazine she was visibly strained and emotional. Gossip website reports her voice was cracked as she asked the journalist, "How many more years are the media going to pick on me? There's other new young bad girls. Move on to someone else! I'm just fed up. I just want a chance again. I want to show that I am an actress." The struggling star also vigorously denied reports she has a drink problem, which has been blamed for her recent weight increase. She says, "People think I am just a party girl, and it's bull. I wish the media would just tell the truth. I didn't want to look like a total party-girl drug retard. I'm not a drunk... I don't have a drinking problem. I don't have a drug problem, for sure." "

While I think it's probable that Tara needs to slow down on the booze, I completely agree with her about the press. The media can be merciless if you're an easy target and Tara is certainly an easy target for them. They can lob all the insults they want at her and it makes it very easy to forget this girl is a human being. Hath not Tara Reid ears? If you prick her does she not bleed? I've seen the press do this over and over again...find a weak spot and mercilessly attack it. It happened to Britney Speats. It happened to Ashlee Simpson. They turn these people into punchlines and they just laugh it up. Snark has replaced wit and a lot of it has to do with shows like Best Week Ever and The Soup where it's "Line the celebs up like a shooting gallery." Being mean has replaced being funny.

So rest well Tara. You still have me. The more they pick on you, the more Ken hearts Tara Reid.

A minimal Impact

Well tonight is the culmination of a big weekend of wrestling. The future of the industry will no doubt be shaped by what has gone on by both the WWE returning to USA and TNA finally getting a non-PPV showcase for its talent (I dont count the Fox Sports deal because they stuck the damn show on in the middle of the afternoon when most of us who would have watched it were at work). Whether or not there will be any real competiton for WWE will be determined over the next few years.

So with the WWE returning home and pulling out all the stops (the only superstar NOT invited back seems to be Doink The Clown though I think Dink will be there) it seems like the show tonight will at least be entertaining and if Angle/Michaels and Hardy/Edge do even half as good as they did at their last matches then this will be a pretty damn good show indeed. So that just leaves TNA to make its mark on Spike TV. Granted they were only replacing Velocity so the legacy is not too strong, but in my opinion this was an important show for TNA and it didn't come close to doing what it needed to do.

This was basic cable TV exposure for a company that people could only see on the net or on PPV. You didnt have to buy a PPV or even order a sports channel package. You just had to remember to watch the show. So what do they go out and do? Present a show with a big "Mehhhh" They didn't throw in any special effort and this was a time where they needed to really go all out.

What I would have done was start the show with a prime time 2 hour exposure..have some big off the full roster of talent and set up the next PPV. You have to make a big impression and show off why this company is a viable alternative to WWE. They didn't do that to me and if I was a new fan just flipping channels, I wasn't given a reason to stick around.

Now I did like a few things I saw and I will be tuning in again next week and subsequent weeks. It's likely I will be a regular TNA viewer, but they need to do a zippier show to start getting me ordering their PPVs.

Here's what did work for me...

1. The return of the Dudleyz or whatever the hell they're calling themselves this week. They're a great tag team and know just how to get a crowd jumping. It was a mistake by WWE to let them go and their loss is undoubtably TNA's gain. The run in was strong and sets up what should be a good fued for the belts between them and Americas Most Wanted.

2. Scott D'Amore. I'm sure Evil will correct me if I spelled that name wrong, but I do love this guy. I remember him from the few episodes of TNA I saw on FSNY and he makes a great impression. You gotta have a fun heel like him to juice up the company and he's got a great look, good mike skills and real talent at getting a reaction. I can easily get into seeing this character wreak havoc plus I have been told by regular TNA viewers that he's a hell of a booker.

3. Jeff Hardy. Not a great match. But good God did I miss him. I'm a big Matt Hardy fan. I'm an even bigger Jeff Hardy fan. I love seeing him fly around the ring. Seeing him is enough to get me marking out.

4. The X-Division in general. I love the idea of seeing these guys fly around the ring doing high impact moves and doing everything Vince is not letting the cruiserweights do. I've heard nothing but good things and I want to see this division in action.

What didn't work for me...

1. The end. Ooooooh a Jeff Jarrett/Kevin Nash feud...And this company wants to be taken seriously? They want me to shell out my money to order a PPV headlined by two guys whose prime was 10 years ago ("Some of these guys never had a prime."). I mean wow...all we gotta do is bring out Scott Steiner and humiliate Ric Flair on a weekly basis and it's WCW all over again. I know people say that the XDivision will ultimately take the main event spot from the heavyweight division but in your first show on a new network they let the lasting image be Nash/Jarrett. Not even HHH on his worst 20 minute "I am the best" promo day can screw a company's booking the way Jarrett has with TNA.

2. AJ Styles. All I have heard over and over again is how awesome he is. How incredible he is. How visionary he is. How "phenominal" he is. Well that may well be true. In fact I'm sure it is. HOWEVER...they sure didn't show it off in their big exposure night. They buried him at the top of the show and didn't even let him have a good match. They should be showcasing this guy. He should be the #1 superstar in the company. Now I'm sure they do push him and I know the PPVs are often showcases for his talent...but you need to hook viewers with his talent, not shove it to the side on a big debut night. Let him have a PPV caliber match. Have people calling each other and buzzing on the net "Holy shit! You see what AJ did? I better tune in next week or I might miss something." They need to do a better job in future weeks to excite a new fanbase about this talent.

3. Monty Brown. See above. Sighhh...blink and you miss it. Weird promo. Squash match. Plus I am not sold on that finisher. The Pounce is supposed to level opponents and it doesn't even look as effective as The Clothesline From Hell. They did not push a guy with anything to make him appear like a presence in the ring. Very disappointing. I couldn't even tell if I was supposed to be rooting for him or not.

4. The pace of the show. Jesus, take a friggin breath. Too fast paced. I'm not saying you need to spend 25 minutes doing boring promos or stupid Diva search segments, but pause for a second and let viewers get up to speed. They're cramming too much in. This show really needs to be two hours to properly show off the roster. Otherwise you have no chance to get into the pace of a match. A great match isnt all high spots. You have to build to them and let the pace evolve. This show moved too briskly to allow anyone a chance to care.

5. The announcers. Don West and some guy whose name I can't remember. When the only thing you can say about an announcing team is 'Well they're better than Tony Schiavonne" then you have a problem. Shane Douglas in one interview showed more personality than either of these two. Going with these two schmucks when Joey Styles was available (a situation which obviously has changed) showed poor long term thinking this past spring.

6. That stupid ring. I hate that six sided ring. It's dumb. It serves no purpose except to look weird. I always thought TNA had a the look of AAA baseball compared to the big leagues of WWE and that ring is the main reason.

Well I'm done complaining now. I liked some of what I saw and I'm ready to like more...but they have to make these shows better or else this is never going to work and there won't be any competition to WWE.

Oh and one more thing...I was promised Gail Kim! WHERE THE HELL WAS GAIL KIM???? (full disclosure, I did flip over to SNL and might have missed her).

That is all...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

We'll meet again...

Don't know where...Don't know when......

Well today's big game stopped being important around the time that three run blast left the ballpark in Cleveland. Kind of took all the drama out of things when you realized that the Yankees and Red Sox are going to be doing all this AGAIN in two weeks. So once more into the breach again my friends. I hope the Yankees enjoyed celebrating their asses off on the fields because if they're lucky they'll be seeing the Red Sox again and they're not going to forget what they watched.

The crazy thing is that the Red Sox are actually in better shape now. They get the White Sox in the first round and the Yankees will have to shlep all the way to the West Coast to take on Vlad and the Angels. Assuming all this holds of course and I have every reason to believe it will. I mean the Yankees have already announced that Mussina will not start and Jaret Wright will get the nod. Its unlikely Rivera will make an appearance and I'm sure Sheffield at least will get the day off. Even if the Indians win tomorrow and somehow force a playoff it's highly unlikely that the Sox will lose a home playoff game on Monday night.

So shrug this off...water under the bridge. Win tomorrow and get ready to get some payback in a few weeks in the playoffs.

Oh and would you like a tissue Mrs. Torre? What a whiny little bitch....

Don't knuckle under!

Well one down...two more to go.

Last night was exactly the type of game the Red Sox needed. Boomer Wells shut me up but good last night (I guess he successfully avoided all back, knee, gout and drunken brawl problems) and the much maligned bullpen did the job. Plus key Yankee errors can only help waver their confidence.

That being said all last nights game meant is that Sunday will mean something and all of the good feelings can disappear if Jason Giambi uses those HGH enhanced arms of his to crank a Wakefield knuckler over the Monster in the first.

Mike and The Mad Dog here in New York have been live in Fenway for the past few days and they said that Tito should manage just like he did in the ALCS (a job I dont believe he gets enough credit for) and I have no doubt he will be able to do that. Tito has always done a great job (like Torre) at managing that clubhouse and keeping the highs from getting too high and the lows from getting too low. Thats why Torre has been such a success ultimately and that's Tito's main advantage too.

This is the best pitching matchup of the series. Johnson has been absolutely on fire the past few weeks (but I remain hopeful he will pull a Clemens 1990 ALCS and get tossed out in the first) but Wakefield has been just as good. I will be rooting hard for Wake today and would even if they weren't facing the Yankees today. Tim Wakefield has been my favorite Red Sox for many years. I was talking to Jen about him the other day and I realized he has been a Sox for 10 years now. 10 years since he came out of nowhere and was the best pitcher in the AL for awhile. Since then he has bounced from the rotation to the pen to the rotation and has done everything this club has asked of him. Theres something to be said for that kind of loyalty. To me Wake personifies what being a Red Sox is all about. Hes blue collar. He plays his heart out. He doesn't whine. He doesn't complain. He has a great relationship with the fans. Plus he's a knuckler and if you can't appreciate the art of the knuckleball then there's no hope for you. Tim Wakefield is the heart and soul of that team. Save for one flat knuckler in 2003 to Aaron Bleeping Boone he's the MVP of the ALCS. Reading in Dan Shaunessy's book about how hard he took that was really emotional because he was the reason the team had gotten that far. Mike Barnicle was on Mike and the Mad Dog today and he said after the World Series clincher last year the Sox brought the trophy out to him on the field and presented it to him and it made him cry on the field because he wanted the team so bad because he felt he had let the team down in 04.

That's why I'm rooting so hard for Wake today. He's the ultimate Red Sox.

But what do I know...all I know is win or lose I'm watching Raw on Monday night.


Time for the game...

Friday, September 30, 2005

And so it comes down to this....

Well I think we all knew it was going to end up with the Yankees and the Red Sox running after each other with swords screaming "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE" I just didn't think it was going to end this way so soon. I kind of figured it would be a third consecutive ALCS with them going at each other, and while there is still a chance of that, it doesn't seem particularly likely.

So here we are...about two and a half hours from game time. Earlier this year I called David Wells the worst signing of the offseason. I have already been proven wrong since he's had a half way decent year. But tonight is the only start that matters. He has a history of winning the big game. He also has a history of being a fucking moron. We shall see which history wins out. He is being counted on by the Sox like the Yankees counted on him time and time again during their dynasty run. I wonder how much he has in him.

I do not feel optimistic, but then again I never do. I'm not even really a Red Sox fan. Yes I like the Red Sox a lot, but what fuels me is my undying and unending hatred of the Yankees. I hate every last one of them (except for Al Leiter...he gets the safety spot that last year went to John Olerud). I despise them with every fiber of my being. I hate seeing them win. It makes me see red with a rage I usually only reserve for Republicans. The only question is which one I hate most on the team. This year its a three way race to the finish between admitted steroid cheat and new human growth hormone freak Jason Giambi, the surly Gary Sheffield who reacts to everything as if you just went up to him and spit the n-word in his face or Alex Rodriguez who makes Curt Schilling seem press shy and never ever makes a team around him better (ultimate MVP argument settler...Yankees could be in this position right now if they had Andy Phillips starting 3B...Sox are .500 or worse without closed). I can't stand these people who think they should have hozzanahs for every pop up they catch and take winning as though they are entitled to it just because they put on those fucking pinstripes.

I want the Sox to win. I need them to win. I wish I shared Jen's optimism though. Oh well...All I know is win, lose or tie I'm watching Raw on Monday and feeling good about the Mets for a change.

More as this develops...

Good luck Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Following a long and proud Bush family tradition...

Another one of Jeb's kids is in trouble...

Tsk tsk

Got to hand it to him...if he really applies himself, gets addicted to cocaine and gets a DUI maybe someday he can be the president too.

The Bush family...setting the bar just a little bit lower one generation at a time.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Restore this!

Smartly President Bush is holding his press conference at 9 pm instead of 8. I wouldn't want to be him facing off against me if he preempted The OC. Being denied weekly fixes of Lil Miss Vixxen is a crime punishable by death.

Anyways, according to a news report I read this morning the task of restoring New Orleans to the city we all know and love will be delegated by Bush to...

Karl Rove.

I swear to God these people are the most insular I've ever seen. They honestly do not give a fuck about how other people regard them or how they look to the outside world. Everything they do is to benefit each other.

You know I never thought of it this way...

Who's to blame for Hurricane Katrina?

Pat Robertson knows and he knows it all too well.

It's Ellen DeGeneres who is to blame.

Says so right here.

Now c'mon Pat...I hated Mr. Wrong and Goodbye Lover just as much as you, but isn't this taking it just a wee bit too far?

Of course I really never had thought of it this way before and it is convenient to have a ready made scapegoat at all times. So from now on I will blame everything that's wrong in my life on the fact that Jen and Rachel are having hot, creamy, yummy and often costumed and role played lesbian sex.

Mets suck? Jen and Rachel's fault.

Too much work at the office? Jen and Rachel's fault.

I run out of peanut butter? You guessed it.

Hey this is fun. :-)

Ultimately though I think that the simple fact is ol Pat is frustrated because Ellen gets more pussy than he does. Lack of sex can make a man do craaaaaaaaaazy things.